Is time an issue for you?

You may be thinking of course time is an issue, well I can ask as well, an issue for whom? You see we have become so SELF driven and time orientated that in fact we have lost control of time and thus waste every bit of time, and then the next cycle begins for another 24 hours if we make it there. Since time is such an issue how then can we truly make the most of it. The answer is simply, stop counting the time! We should become discipled that just wake up grateful and do what we are mean to do and not worry about what we didn’t’ get accomplished because this is were we try to stretch time and get frustrated when we don’t get things done in the time we want. We are too demanding of time. Time is our friend! We didn’t ask for it, nor quite frankly so we understand well. We are like robots now. Time is everything so we do things according to time and not because we need to. How gullible are we? It really seems like time is not the real issue we are!

Stop feeding your pearls to swine!

Know that time is truly precious and you are precious in God’s sight! You have a divine marching order to live out His plan for your life. This means that you do not have time for foolish thoughts, talk and actions! You see, there are so many ways that you can help people, and the best way is by helping yourself. I know, your thinking that’s not helping another, right? Well, look at it this way, once you find the right path and get on it, and you see results then this should enable others to want to find out what you are doing to get those same results. Now, this is where it can get sticky, because most people want the results and they don’t want to do the hard work! This is where you get to say, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding and He will direct your path”-Prov. 3:5-6. You are not the author and finisher of anyone’s faith! You have to answer to the same God, thus you can only do what you can in this body and let God find, lead and guide his people His way. We are simply to be, “like Christ” to them and follow after his example. All of the fanfare is fake and hence will deceive many into thinking that you are perfect and you are simply saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. You are your brother’s keeper when you extend the right arm of fellowship and non-judgment you choose to not to compromise your own faith just to be nice to everyone. Be obedient, love God’s law of love and show love to any and everyone, even your enemies! Now, this is the real test of a “believer”; when you love those who have wronged you. Loving people isn’t condoning evil, but simply loving them in spite of their evil deeds. Trust and believe that God will take care of and repay all for the evil that they commit in this life. Your role is simple to love God; fear Him and give Him glory!

Being an enabler is like being an accessory to murder

Realizing what our roles are is the key to not having to do over life situations. When we fully understand that we are here for a specified time and that we have a set task to do, we allow ourselves to stay focused on the task at hand. The most difficult challenge in life appears to be the inability to say “no”. How and why this is, one cannot really attribute to a set behavior pattern other than the need to please others and not yourselves. You see, when you try to please others and not yourselves you are not really pleasing anyone at all. This is because, when you try to please some even though you know they are undeserving and possess a frail perception of life, then you are enabling that person in their adverse trend of thought which can potentially be life threatening. This mechanism like a domino effect, once you begin the pattern you cannot change it, until the course is done. You have thus given a green light to a very negative flow of life and at times it is just too late for an intervention. Hence, it is crucial that we be aware of enabling any form of wrong doing right when the thought arises and say an emphatic “no” to wrong thinking and “yes” to a person who accepts responsibility for they actions and learns to intervene on their own behalf.

Money, the common denominator!

I say money is a common-denominator because it is! Most people or all people need money to facilitate life’s necessities, and thrive for the most part at an optimal level of existence, because man has put a price on life’s simplest treasure’s sadly such as good health. Therefore, in today’s world we need money to basically be alive and well, or so we think. We have been brain washed to thinking that without money and now the new trend “fame” we are nothing. Fame is the new currency now. The average person thinks, “If I can just get my 15 minutes of fame, I can capitalize on it and be set for life”. We have to notice in history that the real wealthy people were apart of a system that kept all of the wealth in the family, and thus were trained to be frugal. In the American society people are not trained to secure their wealth and thus end up losing it all,very swiftly. A person does not need money to free, because money cannot buy freedom. Freedom is a state of mind that exudes contentment and the ability to live without limitations. Why do the rich and famous exude anger, and discontent? It’s because they are not free! Wealth comes after one knows that they are free. Money is a common denominator that glues us to the tangible rewards of living in this life, and this life only. Attracting wealth begins in the mind, the real task is having the patience it takes to realize that you already are wealthy!money_tree5

#Yesallwomen is trending but love heals all the pain!

With the recent tragedy in Isla VistaImage, the #yesallwomen hashtag is trending, but is it about just all women? This tragedy if we really examine it is about establishing baseline morals and ethics as a parent and as a community. This very confused and frustrated young man must have been made to think that he can have anything he wanted. He was obviously raised by parents who gave him material things to substitute for love and security. Hence, he found security in pop culture that also thinks that our happiness and security comes form acquiring material objects, vast accomplishments and having sex at a young age. This type of tragedy does not happen everyday but these rare cases are played out by human beings who were reared on a false sense of existence. Should we not raise our children to love themselves and be satisfied with who they are, and offer them the environment to grow safely without judgment? Our society is that of a biased, prejudiced, racist and wicked organization of people without question. Therefore, we give this type of behavior so much encouragement being that we live in an organized class system. Yes, we have a society with the have and have nots! So, this child, thought that because he was among the group that has the means to have anything, he expected people to eat out of the palm of his hands. Now, because he was 22, and a young privileged man in Hollywood, he thought as a young should or one that was taught to think: that he can have any woman he wanted because he could. Sadly, once again we have a neglected soul in society, that was crying out for love and could not find it anywhere. No, one told him no, that’s not what love is, and no now showed him obviously what love is. In this tragedy, both men and women perished, though the rants seemed to be geared towards the women that rejected him, including his own mother no doubt. Going forward, how can we as a society including #yesallwomen, heal from this tragedy and prevent others like it from occurring? Do we not read warning signs any more? Do we not ask questions and follow up with extensive planning and treatment to help all the parties involved. We must realize by now that though this issue stemmed out of one household, this issue affects all communities in the world. We need to speak us as a community, we seemed to be allowing vital signs of irrational behavior to overcome our logical sense and even our intuitive sense. Wake up people, save our children, save our communities!

Give the gifts of love and truth!

Parents: do not think you can buy or substitute loving your child with gifts. Children prefer their parents affirmations of love. SImagepend quality time, telling your children about your life, all your fears, hurts, and disappointments. This is called being truthful! Secrecy creates the environment for escape and falsehood. This confuses your child and causes them to stumble. Help them by being real and transparent. They will feel more comfortable coming to you, when they feel afraid or threatened. It’s time to break the silence.

Speak up, the world is listening!

I have a Voice! You have a Voice! We all have a Voice! (The ‘Kings Speech” is one of the most remarkable, life changing, inspiring movies I have ever seen.) If you know anyone that needs to overcome fear, and anxiety stemming from their past, or the fear of failure in their current situation or position; tell them to watch this movie! We have all had or still have issues to overcome that has and will change over lives forever. We were created with purpose to be great at whatever we are called to do. We must be assured that we can do whatever it is, and if need be ask for help; pride goes before destruction. We can learn from anyone, even if its a child or someone without academic credentials. All it takes is someone who is willing to learn and someone who cares. Ironically, the best teachers in the world are those that have no Ph.d’s or Master’s degrees. In fact, we can learn from the fact that even the elect of the day, or the scholars and scribes did not even know who Christ was. You see, without possessing a righteous heart one is rendered useless. You have a voice, so be brave and speak up, the world is listening!Image