Courtship v.s. Dating

Courtship v.s Dating

We live in a culture where dating is the norm. However, it seems like since we know so much and almost everyone does what he or she likes, we are actually doing more harm than good to not only ourselves but our communities at large. Have we not learned from our unhealthy choices in life that one must be mature and have a relationship with God our creator and seek His will for our lives first before we seek another. Do we not know that we should refrain from sexual immorality? There are consequences for sexual immorality and disobedience to God. We experience physical consequences such as sickness and diseases but on a physiological, emotional and spiritual level we can potentially self-destruct and destroy our soul. Can we stop resting on the statement: No one is perfect? Yes, let’s stop looking at our past and be more. Let’s right the wrongs and change our perspectives towards relationships, this is the only way to save our children and restore the balance to our relationships. If you think I am just being opinionated, just look around you! Can you not see the damage being done? Parents, let’s give our children examples to follow and spouses treat one another with respect and fidelity. Anyone who thinks that they cannot be faithful to one person is in fact a wreckless person and does not have the capability of human dignity, they are like an unciviliczed animal. We have to call it out as it is. As a society we make too many excuses! When the time of maturation has come and one is ready to enter courtship they should seek God’s approval, as well as His counsel. Hopefully, your parent is able to counsel you and create that environment for a healthy courtship. If you are older and need companionship, seek God and use His Spirit of discernment to guide you as to who to let into your life. Over all we should all seek first to have a relationship with God in His Son Jesus Christ and He will guide us through all things. Yes, any relationship outside of Christ does not stand a chance! #Dating #Courtship #Godisnotdead #SeekHimFirst #PeacefulperfectedSoul #JesusChristImage

Stand up for Jesus!

All authority is given to us on earth to do good or evil. We have to ability to command the demons that hold us and our generations captive to flee! By obedience and a commitment to walking with God everyday of our lives we can garner this courage and strength to overcome the pride of life and the desire to fulfill every desire of the flesh that brings curses, not blessings to our world. Each individual that prays without ceasing and looks for Jesus to return will be rewarded one day and they will escape that terrible time of the tribulation. If anytime we need to pay attention to the Bible and its prophecies is now. As in the days of Noah so it is now. Up until the day the doors of the arc closed people were drinking, merry making, giving in marriage and speaking prosperity blessings and not truths. They were blinded to the truth and sought to live as they pleased. Do these actions sound familiar? Of course they do! Do you doubt these words I speak? What if I tell you we are living in these times now, and we truly do not know the hour the Son of Man is returning, in others words, when the end will come. If these words I speak sound like vain babbling’s then, you really have to ask yourselves some questions. How can you be so blind still, and careless with your salvation? Again, to date some people are: lost (blinded), some follow Jesus half-heartedly or are on the fence (lukewarm), politically correct, passive, non-existent, relying on human logic, enabling evil of all kinds, (not everything good is God), prideful, all knowing and Allas some just don’t care. Pick a side, you can no longer be on the fence! If you are a Christian, stop playing church and be who you say you are. Stand up and be the Jesus people need you to be in the world. Stop being weak, fearful and an unbeliever. He that is righteous, let him be righteous still. He that is holy, let him be holy still. Living in peace comes with a price. You must choose! #Jesusisalive #Godisnotdead #listen #bewarned #Peacefulperfectedsouljourney #Heisrisen #Getoffthefence #standupforJesus ImageImage

Why so many Truths?

There is only ONE TRUTH, ONE GOD. Anything else is vain and only a half truth. Our world is filled with vain babbling and half truths. People all over the world are either, on the Lord’s side, lost, or on the fence about His NAME, His MINISTRY, His LIFE and His gift of SALVATION to the world. One can only be regenerated of the heart not the mind, for the mind is a place of chaos and divided thoughts. We must choose to accept Christ in our hearts so that we can have His mindset. One MIND, One BODY, One BAPTISM, One GOD.

Palm Sunday Message

Many celebrate this Sunday the day that the scriptures tell us that Jesus Christ the Son of God, rode into Jerusalem on a Foal, to proclaim the kingdom of God on earth. He really wanted man to worship God His Father not Him. So, in our days men raise statues up to other men and yet they forget the vision that that person proclaimed. For example, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed his dream for freedom and equality for all men, yet it seems that we have forgotten about this dream. Do we really think that he would rather a statue raised unto him or a people that worships God by accepting one another regardless of race, class, or financial status? We really have to look hard and ask ourselves if the way we are acting is giving God praise or giving the Devil his own statue and helping him rise up above the nations of the world.Image